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Customer Reviews


Personalized Engraving Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Folding Knife | Brass Handle| Damascus Pen | Wooden Gift Box

"Hand engraved knife was packaged very well, came sharp and had everything included. Delivered in some days! Worth the price in every way and the sheath was also very nice.

Overall excellent blade for the price, plus I've got the beautiful free Damascus pen and gift box!"

Brent Watkins 

"This knife came with free pen and gift box, deliver within one week of my ordering it. The knife is obviously hand-made without company or trade marks. It is light and well-made and feels solid in my hand. The knife with the sheath one can hang on one's belt and it will be just right. The blade hand engraved and very sharp and the handle is made of steel with engraving. And the leather sheath is well-made also. I am very happy of the knife in my hand as if am ready for any task. I will recommend fully for this store and the maker who made this possible.

This knife came with a bonus pen and a gift box, and it arrived within one week of my transaction. The knife is clearly hand-made, with no corporate or trade insignia. It's light, well-made, and feels substantial in my palm. The knife and sheath can be hung on one's belt and will be perfectly fine. The blade is manually etched and extremely sharp, while the handle is made of steel with engraving. The leather sheath is very finely made. I am really pleased with the knife in my hand, as if I am prepared for any assignment. I wholeheartedly endorse this store and the maker who made it possible."

- John Hoynicki

"This is top notch. Very sturdy. I'll be buying another one from this store (North Bear Knife)! Handmade pocket knife very sharp and looks good and beautiful Damascus pen and wooden gift box. Much obliged, North Bear I am a loyal customer!"

- Terry Simons

"Good looking handmade Damascus folding knife at the good price point and free gift. Clean profile, sharp edge looks even. I really have nothing negative to say about this purchase. Snag one, you'll be glad you did and purchased again."

- Ivars Madelans

"Item arrived in great condition, with the beautiful free gift of Damascus Pen. The seller kept me updated on a short delay to the delivery, as they wanted to make sure the item was good quality, which is always appreciated. My item was still delivered to the recipitent pretty quickly even with that delay. Great quality, great service, would definitely buy from again."

- Cameron Herd 

"Seller surprised me with immediate express shipment delivered in a matter of days. Top shelf blade and sheath. literally perfect. Everything about this blade screams serious craftsmanship and attention to detail. The pattern acid, grip feel, balance and attention to detail are all right on the money.The Sheath is thick and supple and matches the quality of the blade, with perfect fit. I'll be keeping an eye out for this seller's product going forward. Thank you North Bear!"

Steven Schaller

"I got exactly what was advertised. The big knife handle fits perfect in my hand (I'm a big guy so that is a concern of mine when buying knives) Just O.K. But it's not bad! The knife itself was VERY sharp upon arrival, so these product is AMAZING! The sheath alone was worth the price. The stitching and quality on the sheath are top notch. The big knife was BIGGER than I was expecting, but that's not a bad thing, as I said I'm a big guy. The knife itself does jostle a bit inside the sheath a bit, but I don't see that being a problem. I've paid twice as much for Damascus steel knives that were half the quality, and they didn't come with a sheath like this. It's very unique and I can't wait to show it off. Overall I'm very impressed. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time (even though it was "running late" for a day.) It has a bulky, sturdy feel to it. It does not feel cheap. It does not look cheap."

Michael Mankin

"I don't know much about knives but my husband does. I bought this for him as it was our anniversary (11th) and hoped that it would be up to the standard he has. He was thrilled with it and admired the deep etching of the metals used to form the Damascus fold in the blade. I was thrilled he liked it, so thank you for your fine workmanship and for the quick delivery ensuring that I didn't worry about having the gift's in time."

- Jennifer Soeung

"Really good outstanding quality. I have no knowledge of knives, but the person I bought it for was amazed and said it was too nice to use so it stays sealed up in it's pouch in his pocket! The blade is stunning, Damascus pen is pretty, beautiful marks on it, and the horn handle feels beautifully traditionally and well cared for."

- Alicia Smock

"I bought this very nice knife with a North Bear 50% discount. Great value, because this is a high quality and beautifully made knife. With 10 inches mosaic blade it is a perfect bowie knife and an excellent antlor handle. It comes with a nice leather sheath and provides good value and survival for the knife person who is lookng for a premium knife.

Ronald Spillmon

"An excellent knife and much better than I expected. Diabolically sharp, well made, with a perfectly matched sheath. If only North Bear made some in more like European style and North American, I'd be collecting them. I'm a very happy purchaser, and will now look at other offerings. A good purchase indeed!"

- David Matallatta


"Needed a new knife as my old one had worn through so I did some research and decided to get one that would last forever. This will probably do the tick. The Damascus steel blade is strong and holds a good edge The handle is well made and very easy on the hands. Overall, I would say it's bigger and bulkier than I thought it would be but the its quality is astonishing and I would definitely recommend this as an all purpose pocket knife."

- Christopher Fricke

"As a fan of the Damascus mosaic blade this knife is a dream come true. The polish on the blade was great and also fine etches, and the handle is both comfortable and gorgeous to look at. The sheath was a special treat being real leather. A great product! Make sure to soak the handle in vegetable oil for 24 hours and to keep your blade lightly coated with either vegetable or mineral oil to keep it from rusting. It is carbon, but they will all rust in time without the proper care."

Chris Liles

"This hand engraved knife design is unique and yet practical. The blade is super sharp and amazing looking. It comes with a super high quality sheath. All the materials they use are sourced with a lot of thought and pride. The overall craftsmanship and attention to detail is top notch. I’m very pleased and impressed. Money well spent."

Terry Simons

"I have to give the knife itself a five based on the quality for the price. It's comfortable, and at this size could find applications in a range of tasks from mid-small to mid-large. It's a solid and is aesthetically attractive and fancy (who wants a fancy workhorse?) The antler handle is great, and I'd rate it separately as a 5 star. It is razor sharpe can clean shave, but at this price point it's hard to imagine better value."

Kyle Kohler

"Knife collector for 10 years now, and I have some really cool ones. my one thing in the last few years is that the knife has to be fully functional. I drive semi trucks for a living and use knives big and small on a daily basis. and I can honestly say that out of the 100 + knives i have, this one is by far the best."

- Michael Stergiotis

"This is my 2nd purchase from North Bear. Everything about this knife is exceptional. It came with no damage whatsoever and in perfect condition, exactly what I was looking for. The overall system is still good and worth it for the price."

- Chad Shilling

"How amazing this looks for the price is beyond me. I did not purchase this to use for anything other than show; I did not buy it to rough it out while camping. In addition to having a fantastic appearance, the knife has a really pleasant weight, wonderful balance, and is perfectly honed. Considering the quality I got, it would be difficult to find a better deal elsewhere. It came to me very well-oiled and sealed in packaging. I also received a complimentary wooden box and Damascus PEN as a present."

- Winston Queen

"2nd order from this store. Extremely happy with these set of pocket knives. I have spent more money on leather sheaths alone, which was why I was unsure of this deal. Quality of the knives are shocking. North Bear are definitely pouring their heart out in what they do and it shows. Sharp as hell, engraved steel, sturdy handle. Sheath made from thick leather, holds knife well, quality snaps."

- Paul S.

"This knife's design is both distinctive and useful. The blade is incredibly sharp and beautifully hand-engraved. It comes with a gorgeous free gift of a Damascus pen and wooden box, as well as a really high-quality sheath. They take great pleasure in the sourcing of every item they utilize. The overall level of craftsmanship and detail-orientedness is excellent. I'm incredibly happy and delighted. Well-spent money."

- Matthew Urzua

"When I received this knife, I was absolutely gobs macked by how beautiful it is. The craftsmanship is evident from any angle, the handle is gorgeous and the Damascus mosaic blade itself is stunning to look at. Makes me wish I had half the skill it took to create such an outstanding blade as this. I can’t wait to show it off to my friends and family at our next “man cation. I took the time to put a really nice edge on it myself, but it was plenty sharp as delivered. I’m looking forward to using this knife in the field to practice my bushcraft. One thing to remember- this blade is made of many layers of high-carbon steel, which means it’ll hold an edge longer than a stainless blade, but it also means you have to keep the blade well oiled to prevent rust."

- Wade Batson

"Very fast shipping and knife is very nice quality and solid build! Knife was just as described, my experience was very pleasant. It also came coated in oil/wax to prevent damage when shipping and sitting etc. After cleaning it off nicely with soap and water it was VERY sharp right off the bat. Love this knife."

- Long Nguyen